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Kings Island Halloween Haunt 2012 Review

Kings Island Halloween Haunt: Mason, OH

Holiday Horror
This was the second year for this haunt at Kings Island and was pretty much the same as last year. The rooms were fairly well lit, keeping the scare factor to a minimum. The half-interested actors are what brought this haunt down in points this year. They acted like they couldn’t care less. Very disappointing.

Rating: 5.5 – Average

This is also the second year for this haunt at Kings Island and, in our opinion, was a total miss again with both theme and scare factor. It is nothing but white walls, chain link fence and lasers. All actors were in white or green body stockings. I am assuming that the intent was to blend in with the scenery – it didn’t work! It was a true maze with dead ends but at the exit there was a girl out of costume which was poor actor placement. This one missed the mark.

Rating: 2.5 – Poor

Slaughter House
This haunt is a gore-fest! Loads of body parts and blood. It’s like Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Saw! Nice use of props. It felt dark and dirty. The car prop with the lights and horn was great!

Rating: 10 – Excellent

Urgent Scare
This was another “heavy on the gore” haunt that remains pretty much the same year after year although it felt shorter than in past years. This haunt has some of the better props and theme than the others and had lots of noise and banging going on.

Rating: 9.5 – Excellent

Club Blood
Club Blood is unique in that it combines the vampire mystique with a little S&M. The actors are very realistic and invite you to take a bite. Great costumes, good dancers, good all around haunt! Good curb appeal – really looks like a weird fantasy club from the outside. Excellent audio, props and lighting. Good use of fog in the right parts. Definitely check it out!!!

Rating: 10 – Excellent

Massacre Manor
This is still one of our favorite haunts of the night because of the old style haunted house theme. Good lighting and props, very good attention to detail. The only “theme” faux pas was the fact that the actors had on modern clothing and the house was set to be an older style. Lots of bangs and noise.

Rating: 9.5 – Excellent

This would be terrifying if one were afraid of clowns!!! Great use of black lights in hiding people and bringing out the environment. Loved the sinister Circus music!!! Good actors, good decorations. Nice haunt.

Rating: 10 – Excellent

From the outside, this haunt looks like you’d be experiencing a corn maze. Once inside you realize that it’s quite open and there’s hardly any corn stalks. All the characters were the same, all in burlap bag costumes. This needs some additional actors in different costumes to mix things up a bit. Maybe demented farmer costumes? With a pitchfork? This haunt was quickly predictable which made it a disappointment.

Rating: 2.5 – Poor

Cut Throat Cove
This haunt needs a bit of work on the scare factor. At times you could see the park through the chain link walls. Although the actors were decent and there were some cool corpse props, the ambient lighting from the park was distracting causing it to loose a lot of the scare factor. Good, could be better.

Rating: 7.5 – Good

Wolf Pack
This haunt is located back by the old Son of Beast but had decent signage so you could find it easier. It was a fairly short haunt but a lot darker than in past years which was a plus on the scare side. Good props and nice theme continuity throughout the haunt. The actors got an excellent from our reviewers for this haunt.

Rating: 9.5 – Excellent

Tombstone Terror-tory
This outside haunt is a mix of a train ride and a long walk through the woods back. For the most part it was fairly dark which added to the ambiance. The heavy fog in parts also added to the scare factor. However, some of the actors hid behind crates that you could see through, taking away the element of surprise. They need to be better concealed to raise the scare element and up the score on this potentially excellent haunt!

Rating: 8 – Very Good

Madame Fatale’s Cavern
This is a new haunt this year located where the old Tomb Raider ride used to be and the set-up works very well for this particular theme. There are mannequins literally EVERYWHERE! It could be a bit darker, though. The lighting seems to be a bit much to properly set the mood of a dark and creepy cavern. However, there are fun visuals and it is one of the best themed haunts in the park! Excellent potential!

Rating: 10 – Excellent

Overall rating: 9.5 – Excellent

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